Best Practices: Material Thickness formulas

Best Practices: Material Thickness formulas

I've been thinking about this for a while. Perhaps it is somewhat irrelevant, since parts are drawn based on the material pointers used, but not all of the materials in a spec group are used in each cabinet. Sometimes I want to refer to a particular material (i.e. angled soffit veneer) within another cabinet (i.e. tall or upper).

So, let's say I have a pointer: Angled_Soffit_Veneer and want to grab the material thickness in a formula
(without adding a prompt). Which would you all tend to use:
  1. =M!Angled_Soffit_Veneer_Thickness
  2. =VLOOKUP(M!Angled_Soffit_Veneer,M!MFSH,2,FALSE)
The first is slightly cleaner, but is the second more robust?

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