Blum MERIVOBOX Drawer System Add-on Now Available for the Foundation Library

Blum MERIVOBOX Drawer System Add-on Now Available for the Foundation Library

The new Blum MERIVOBOX Drawer System is now available for Microvellum’s Foundation Library. 

To obtain the new drawer, click here to download just the drawer system and use the Database Management tool to import. Otherwise, you can use the library update feature to update the library. This drawer will be included in the March 2023 (or newer) version. Please contact Microvellum support with any questions or issues you may encounter while installing or using.

  • Four Height Options
    • Height N
    • Height M
    • Height K
    • Height E
  • Three different options for High fronted pull-outs (Height E)
    • Gallery
    • BOXCAP
  • All supported runner lengths for 40kg & 70kg
  • Three fixing methods for Front fixing brackets
    • Screw-on
  • Three Finish options
    • Silk white matt
    • Indium grey matt
    • Orion grey matt
  • Supports Inner Drawer Option with additional front pieces included.
  • Misc. Features
    • Full parametric control that automatically determines the appropriate height & depth components based on the current available space in the cabinet.
    • 3-Sided Rear Cutout that can either include additional cut parts or metal drawer components & fixing brackets.
    • Front/base stabilizer
    • Left/Right Drawer spacers for inner drawers
    • Back/Bottom grain direction variable
    • All construction option variables such as drilling hole diameters, depths, etc.
  • Total drawing blocks & molding drawings: 110

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