D for DIM was totally working for months!

D for DIM was totally working for months!

When I type my custom pgp alias 'D' for the AutoCAD 'DIM' command, I now get the attached message.  There's nothing missing!!  All layers, dimension styles and text styles are available.  This occurs in multiple drawings.  New drawings from our template too.
Typing DIM or clicking the Dimension Ribbon button still works as it should.

The only weird thing I recently did was add a couple LISP routines to the APPLOAD Startup Suite.  After noticing this issue, I removed them, but the problem remains.  I'm guessing it's unrealated.

Please help.

In case you're wondering, here are the 2 LISP routines I found on the AutoCAD forums. I had been using TLEN for years with no effect.  B1S is new to me, but seemed useful.

  1. (defun C:B1S (); = Break 1 point where Selected
  2.   (command "_.break" pause "@")
  3. )

  1. ;|

  2. TLEN.LSP - Total LENgth of selected objects
  3. (c) 1998 Tee Square Graphics

  4. |;

  5. (defun C:TLEN (/ ss tl n ent itm obj l)
  6.   (setq ss (ssget)
  7.         tl 0
  8.         n (1- (sslength ss)))
  9.   (while (>= n 0)
  10.     (setq ent (entget (setq itm (ssname ss n)))
  11.           obj (cdr (assoc 0 ent))
  12.           l (cond
  13.               ((= obj "LINE")
  14.                 (distance (cdr (assoc 10 ent))(cdr (assoc 11 ent))))
  15.               ((= obj "ARC")
  16.                 (* (cdr (assoc 40 ent))
  17.                    (if (minusp (setq l (- (cdr (assoc 51 ent))
  18.                                           (cdr (assoc 50 ent)))))
  19.                      (+ pi pi l) l)))
  20.               ((or (= obj "CIRCLE")(= obj "SPLINE")(= obj "POLYLINE")
  21.                    (= obj "LWPOLYLINE")(= obj "ELLIPSE"))
  22.                 (command "_.area" "_o" itm)
  23.                 (getvar "perimeter"))
  24.               (T 0))
  25.           tl (+ tl l)
  26.           n (1- n)))
  27.   (alert (strcat "Total length of selected objects is " (rtos tl)))
  28.   (princ)
  29. )
Microvellum Toolbox Build 21.1.1227.641, Library v046.0
I did update Autocad via the desktop app recently - currently Version Q.163.0.0, AutoCAD 2020.1.5, but I feel like this wasn't a problem directly after that.

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