Drawer Boxes and Drawer Glides

Drawer Boxes and Drawer Glides

I'm working on setting up our Library to match what we currently offer when it comes to drawer box depths and drawer glides. We offer drawer boxes in increments of 3", beginning at 9" and going up to 21" as standards. We offer deeper ones too but that'll be set up differently. So I have a couple questions: 
A: The Microvellum Library has about 15 different drawer glide depths available with the glides that we offer. Is there a way to "turn off" the ones that we don't offer and only have the 5 depths that we do offer without deleting the others?
B: If we can turn those other depths off, will Microvellum then auto populate the best fit of those remaining 5 for each cabinet depending on depth?
C: I saw a video the other day where you can set a max drawer box depth but I didn't see where you can actually do it. Does anyone know where that could be found?


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