Face Frame Report & Angled Cabinets

Face Frame Report & Angled Cabinets


I'm looking into this report and noticing that Angled Cabinets or face frames (Angled Face Frame, Diagonal Angled Face Frame, and Face Frame Open Corner) subassemblies dont appear on the Report.  (See attached, might be easier to read).

Any insight to this, or what I can do to allow these products to get on the report (Guessing a filter issue), that would be great.



The image below shows my Work Order Products, and below that shows the result of the Report and the Filter that I think is causing the problem.

      Base Diagonal Angle Cabinet
      Base Corner Cabinet FF
      Master Upper Split Height Designer Cabinet FF
      Master 2 Bay Horizontal Cabinet FF
      Master Transition Angle Cabinet FF
      Master Open Corner End Cabinet FF

Filter (Probably forcing the 3 angle cabinets to be ignored)

Cabinet Names (jpg image files)

(See attached for the report results, simply doesn't show those 3 cabinet pages.)

I'm not sure where the Filter is getting that information, or where I can add that to the Cabinets or Subassemblies.  After reviewing them for a while I haven't seen any noticeable differences, or something that would carry a name over.

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