FEATURE REQUEST: Nest Product in this Drawing

FEATURE REQUEST: Nest Product in this Drawing

It would be very helpful to have a tool that would allow you to select products and quickly create a nest inside the current open drawing, without having to create a "temp" work order to see if a product will nest correctly. (I'm sure many of us don't always think about creating a "temp" work order and get all the way through the work order process only to find we have to re-engineer products - mostly custom SMA-type products) because parts are "too big" or irregular-shaped parts are not nesting well.

This would be different from creating a WO by bypassing the initial WO stage and Processing Center eliminating having to create a "temp" WO that you would eventually delete (or if you're like us, we've got tons of temp WOs that are just waiting to be deleted).

What I would envision is that after you've selected the product(s) a selection window would popup allowing you to select a default Processing Station, and after that, a user input to place the nested sheets at a specific location in the drawing. This process would allow people to engineer better products long before they get to that critical point of "we need this now" only to find out they've got to put some TLC into getting it to nest accurately.

I think a lot of people could benefit from a tool like this - I know myself and our engineering team here at MMW would benefit a great deal. More than 60% of our work is done using SMA.

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