FEATURE REQUEST: "Panel_Material" as Default Defined Name

FEATURE REQUEST: "Panel_Material" as Default Defined Name

I am finding myself defining column V - the Material column - as Panel_Material. What this allows me to do is use a thickness formula that looks to the material assigned to the part. I use this formula often for machine tokens, especially custom tokens that have been added to the clipboard.

The formula is:


I then replace "material_name" with whatever material is being referenced. 

Since I've started defining column V as Panel_Material I just copy and paste


And it's ready to go without any changes needing to be made to the formula. And that formula will look to the Buyout, Solid Stock, and Sheet Stock thicknesses making it pretty robust.

It'd be great if MV could add Panel_Material as a defined name by default - I think they could take advantage of it for making more generic and accurate formulas, especially regarding machine tokens.

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