Formula Driven Hardware (Pulls) - For Component Library

Formula Driven Hardware (Pulls) - For Component Library

Is it possible to create or have a Formula Driven Hardware Pull in the Component Library (48_0)?  If so has anyone done this and how would I go about getting it setup?


More and more custom jobs are requesting special pulls that we don’t have in our database, and we don’t really want to create new ones every time.  So, we usually find one of our stock pulls that is close and then copy it to the project and change the name / machining / etc.  We use the “Custom Pulls” in our drop-down options.  The issue is that we then must go into the lookup tables and make sure the “Custom Pulls” and updated with all the correct info. 

It is easy for me as I have been doing it long enough that it makes sense.  But for other that don’t do it often or are new to it the process is a lot to take in and remember, creating issues and problems when thing are completed correctly. 


My idea is to have a Formula Driven Pull that uses info from the wizard to update itself.  This would allow us to simply answer the needed questions and have the pulls updated and for us. 

  1. Pull Name
  2. Pull Hardware Code
  3. Pull type:  Wire / Handle / etc (This would be a radio button)
  4. Pull Drilling info:  Start Point / C2C / End point

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