How Many of You are Using VIEWBASE?

How Many of You are Using VIEWBASE?

I'm curious to know how many users are using AutoCAD's VIEWBASE command to create their paper space layouts/views.

The concept is pretty cool, but for me the cons outweigh the pros.

  1. Quickly draw elevations, sections, isometric views on a single layout.
  2. Quickly add detail blow-ups for more clarification.
  3. Quickly change scales of views.

  1. The views drawn are not linked to MV products - they will not automatically update if a product is changed. The original VIEWBASE model must be reselected and redrawn.
  2. ALL dimensions, leaders, and text objects, must be done through AutoCAD - there is no automation of this through drawing instructions.
  3. It is designed to draw all portions of a drawing/room on a single layout page. For companies that like to draw their sections on a different page, this would require you to place your plan and elevation OUTSIDE of sheet, and then draw the sections in the location you desire.
  4. It is very limited in it's performance/settings.
For me, as a former manager of a drafting department, I wanted to automate as much as I could. It is the best way to create drafting standards across multiple drafters. So, this approach would not have worked for us.

I'd love to get others' inputs on this, or see how some may be using this more effectively.

James Drury 
Technology Advocate


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