How to truncate text in reports?

How to truncate text in reports?

We are currently using a version of the "Draw Box List Report" that also shows the hardware for the  drawer slides.  As we progress I want to be able to add more information to the report. But to be able to do that I would like to cut down on some of the text that is generated by truncating the text.  Is there a way to do this?

The below image and attached PDF show in red the parts of the text we want to truncate.  

This is what we are pulling for the subassembly name:  {ProductsPrompts.Subassemblies.Name}
This is what we are pulling for the hardware name:  {Hardware.Name}

We have considered flipping the page orientation to landscape to allow for more info and not remove any test but our current setup and work cells all use the standard portrait.  

Another option we have considered is renaming all the hardware and creating new subassemblies with shorter names.  But that would be a lot of work and go against our desire to keep things as standardized and uniform as possible to the originals which makes it easier to manager and trouble shoot.  

Adds we will be making:
  1. If the drawer is locked
  2. Hanging File Direction  ( F/B or L/R)
    1. Also possibly the difference of Legal or Letter Files

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