Ideas for something different

Ideas for something different

Hi everyone,

I have a problem and could use some ideas.
I have a handy calculator (not a typical product calculator) that uses a series of lookup tables.
The calculator takes a single long string of text, then breaks it down in Prompts and Values, around 30 or 40 of them.
I want to use this calculator in a variety of products.

Currently i have to add the lookup tables to each product manually.
I would like to have it programmed in somewhere that any product can reference.
My initial idea is to use a subassembly, but then i have no way (that i know of) of getting the data out of the subassembly and into the product.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Maybe a hardware token? Or some template level lookup tables? (i don't think either of these will work, just examples).

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