Iterate through a string list

Iterate through a string list

Considering that I have a user defined property  called “Room Number” (at room or project level) that stores a list of values separated by “|”, for example: “R1|R2|R3|R4”
I’m able to access the property, split it in the “|”, get each individual values: R1, R2….etc. and print it into the product label report, once that a time.
I wrote a function at report code level to get the individual values passing the string list and an index as parameters.
What I need is print one label for each individual value in the list.

Assuming that I can reach an individual value, how to iterate them to print a label for each individual value? Is it prossible?

I’ve tried a loop but I got printed only the final value (R4 in this example). I didn’t get a way to print all the values.

In a sample project with two items and a property "Room number" with “R1|R2|R3|R4” I want to get (2 x 4 = 8) labels but I'm getting only two (one for each item)

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