Lead in fouls lock holes.

Lead in fouls lock holes.

Looking for a little bit of help. When cutting a lock hole the lead in is fouling the side of the hole. Currently "My Offset Point" type setting is Tangent. I have also tried vertical, perpendicular, and none but all either foul the hole or cause the gcode not to be able to load at the machine.

What is even stranger is that I feel like this lead in is "extra". When examining the composite drawing with th tool path lines showing this lead in doesnt exisit, its purely a circle cutting the lock hole. When I load it at the machine there is a little tail added on as a lead in.

Is it possible that the machine is causing this "extra" lead in and not Microvellum? The machine in question is an SCM Morbidelli 600.

Attached photos of the lock hole and error when trying Vertical and None settings mentioned above.

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