LookUpTableSystemDrawerSlide Bottom Location Column

LookUpTableSystemDrawerSlide Bottom Location Column

Hey ya'll,

I'm working on adding a few drawer slides and I can't seem to find what the F!LookUpTableSystemDrawerSlide "Bottom Location" column is used for.

I found a knowledge base article about this which says the following: 
  1. Column 4 - (Bottom Location) This is the clearance from the bottom of the drawer box to the bottom Z origin of the Subassembly. 
However, I still don't understand what is changed with this. It seems very similar to Column 6 "Bottom Gap": 
  1. Column 6 - (Bottom Gap) Similar to the previous column, this value is the Difference between (Bottom Location – Bottom to side offset) Offsetting the drawer system from the bottom of opening.
When I change this Bottom Gap value, it changes the gap between the bottom of the subassembly opening and the drawer box. But when I've tried changing the Bottom Location value but nothing seems to change when I redraw the drawers with the slide whose value I changed. 

Any knowledge on this is appreciated! Thanks!

Edit: Looking more into this, it looks like the Bottom Location (col 4) is only used for calculating the Bottom Gap (col 5), but isn't really necessary if a value is hardcoded into the Bottom Gap value. The drawer slides that were added in our library had a hardcoded value for the bottom gap, but Microvellum drawer slides seem to use the formula Bottom Location - Bottom To Side Offset (col 4 - col 5) to calculate the Bottom Gap (col 6). I don't think it's used anywhere else but I could be wrong.

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