Microvellum Engineer wanted in Houston, Texas

Microvellum Engineer wanted in Houston, Texas

Key Responsibilities:

           Work with project managers, customer’s design team, and fellow drafters to interpret owner’s and architect’s design intent, clarify scope, and direct customer to the best industry solution.

           Engineer and draft product solutions that meet design intent, estimated budget, and Brochsteins manufacturing and installation capabilities.

           Coordinate design with other trades (i.e. metal, fabric, glass, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, hardware) that interface with Brochsteins product as required.

           Research appropriate material and hardware for custom applications.

           Learn and adhere to Brochsteins drawing conventions and, where applicable, contribute to continuous improvement of  detail department standards and processes.

           Provide information to project managers necessary for RFIs and change orders.

           Prepare shop drawings for submittal to architect with all pertinent and necessary dimensions, specifications, and views to depict a thorough representation of the design and construction of the product.

           Revise shop drawings using feedback from general contractor, architect, project manager and other colleagues.

           Release shop drawings with all necessary documentation to facilitate a practical and smooth production process.

Ideal Candidate Skills:

           Autodesk AutoCAD (Inventor, Solidworks, CabinetVision, IMOS, and/or WoodCAD/CAM a plus)

           Model in Microvellum, including creating and modifying Project Specification groups

           Programming for CNC Nested Routing / Beam Saw (Microvellum/RouterCim/CutRite/WoodWop/bSolid)

           Programming for 5-axis CNC programing (bSolid, Inventor, Fusion360)

           Write math equations & formulas in Excel format & use parameters in lieu of static numbers

           Expert knowledge of millwork construction methods and AWI & QCP standards

           Expert ability to read and interpret architectural drawings

           Think 3-dimensionally and illustrate 3-dimensional concepts clearly and thoroughly

           Familiar with construction information management (Contracts, specifications, RFIs, change orders, Bulletins)

           Verbal and written communication

           Solving problems with products, people, time constraints and processes

           Estimate time to complete tasks and communicate delays promptly

If interested, please respond to this discussion.

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