MV Bookshelf - August 2022: "Kaizen" by Sosuke Takahashi

MV Bookshelf - August 2022: "Kaizen" by Sosuke Takahashi

After reading several books now on lean manufacturing, it's apparent that lean is not simply a practice, it's a philosophy.

In the Toyota Way, we learned the principles to developing a lean culture within a company.

Kaizen takes things a bit further. Thinking lean to not only improve your mental toughness and mindset but increase your productivity on a personal level as well.

I know I could definitely use some improvement in those areas.

I'm really excited to get started on this book and I hope y'all are too!

What if you could look at the world through the eyes of a Toyota engineer?

You'd find a way to improve literally anything, from your nutrition habits to your productivity.

You'd make sure that your entire life runs as smoothly as a car factory.

You'd keep stress under control because you'd be able to analyze and solve any problem.

Sound good?

Well, right now you've got a chance to learn the management and problem-solving techniques used by global innovators and apply them to your life.

You've got a chance to peek into the minds of top CEOs and engineers.

And you've got a chance to transform your life.

The Japanese concept that powers everything from hi-tech innovation to self-improvement is known as kaizen, or continuous improvement. It's the art of introducing great change through a series of small, almost effortless steps. For example, if you'd like to lose some weight, kaizen would involve eating just one more vegetable a day, then two, and so on until you're eating perfectly planned, healthy meals every day. This is more effective than trying to introduce radical change all at once.

This book will show you how to apply kaizen to your personal and work life.
Here's what you'll find:

    Clear, actionable strategies for introducing kaizen into your life
    A complete guide to achieving great goals with small steps
    Real-life, relatable examples of kaizen in self-improvement
    Everything you need to know about running a business in the kaizen way
    And much more!

Kaizen is a method that has transformed countless lives and countless companies, small and large. Simply trust the wisdom of kaizen and let it transform your life, too!

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