MV Performance and Visual Issues

MV Performance and Visual Issues

Is there a reason for slow performance on Microvellum and having graphical issues when producing PDF? 

Constantly, viewbase stops working and doesn't update the products, whether I remove objects or add, it stops updating. I get it to work turning off, locking layers and turning them back on. 

When drawing the layout, often goes on black and have to zoom in and out to disappear. 

Constant crashes even when working on small projects. 

When drawing 3D lines even with 3DPOLY it doesn't draw it on Toolbox 2022. I have to regen the view, set UCS axe to world and then go to the view where I was to be able to see the line. 

Microvellum and IT have been checking up the permissions and settings but nothing hasn't been working really. 

Could be the task manager not showing real performance? I get messages running out of memory but performance never show greater used from 9gb. 

Anyone could give me any other idea to try to improve this pc? 

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