New Toolbox Release Available Today: Build 23.1.0908.641

New Toolbox Release Available Today: Build 23.1.0908.641

We are happy to announce that Toolbox build 23.1.0908.641 is now available! 


This build includes several resolutions for issues with certain tokens in associative machining, problems encountered during the process of peanut machining, and the appearance of phantom products in one's project, along with the addition to a new setting for organizing labels in one's Toolfiles. Please refer to the complete Release Notes for more information on these changes.

How to Get the Update

Microvellum software updates are available to users with an active maintenance subscription upon request. To request access, simply create a ticket and select "Software Update Request" as the classification for the ticket. Answer the remaining questions in the ticket form and submit your request. You will be emailed a link to download the update moments after you submit the form.

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