OVVO Tech Panel Connectors Now Available in the Foundation Library

OVVO Tech Panel Connectors Now Available in the Foundation Library

With the most recent Foundation Library release, 7 new panel connectors from OVVO Tech have been added into the Library, granting clients the ability to implement a set of adaptable, universally easy-to-use connectors with Face Boring, End Drilling, Doweling, and Permanent Doweling. 
These connectors will be included in version 23.0828 and onwards. To access them or place them into a project, open the Hardware Wizard in your Library Specification Groups. All will be accessible under “Hardware Edge Array”.

Please contact Microvellum support with any questions or issues you may encounter while installing or using.

To learn more about OVVO Tech products, please visit the company’s website

PN12 RN12 Face Boring Connectors

The OVVO PN12 and RN 12 are face boring connectors are push-in panel connectors made to fit into standard 25mm drill holes. The OVVO PN12 connector set enables panels to be snapped together, while the RN12 allows panels to be snapped or slid together. Both can be aligned to the inside or outside face of panel to create an invisible, concealed connector appearance. 

RD9 & RD12 End Drilling Connectors

OVVO’s RD9 and RD12 Releasable End Drilling connectors are designed to work into the end of panels of thickness from 12mm (RD9)/15mm (RD12) and above, applicable to panels made of a wide range of materials. Both connector sets allow for a snapping or sliding connection and sliding release. The patented fir tree legs on both connectors are designed to fit into industry standard drill holes for efficient panel processing.

DH1 Drilling & Dowel Connectors

The OVVO DH1 housing connector is designed to be integrated into the face of panels utilizing standard drilling techniques, at a thickness of 15mm and above. It allows for panels to be snapped together and works with both the RD12 and RN12 connectors. 

OD830 Permanent Dowel Connector

The OVVO OD830 is a permanent dowel connector that is designed to be placed into boards utilizing standard dowel drilling of 8mm bore holes, at a thickness of 12mm and above. It allows for panels to be pushed together without compression on the material.  

For a full walkthrough on how to add and implement these connectors into your projects, review the video below:

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