piecemeal things together

piecemeal things together

Is it pretty standard now to have to piece things together for the customers or GC/architects? Seems like for a while I have been just drawing things and then more of my time is spent revising and adding things in than actually drawing the initial submittal. Now I'm not sure if its just bad project managers throwing as much work as they can at me or if these companies just need work asap, but I'm sure its super frustrating for the companies contracting out the work because if they don't have in house drafters, I'm charging them quite a bit because it takes so much time. Is this the way things are going right now for anybody else?  I'm not complaining, I'm just used to having everything in a tight package handed to me so I don't have to think back about what I did where when it comes back with a sea of redlines everywhere 2 months down the road. What this means for me is that I will have to wait longer for the PM's to get things together to receive a tightly packaged project with all the info, so payments would take longer to receive.   

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