Preserving custom library through updates

Preserving custom library through updates

Judging from the comments here, there are quite a few of you that make custom changes to your template workbooks, products, and subassemblies.

How do you preserve these changes through library updates from Microvellum?

I usually save a copy of any product or subassembly and leave the original one alone, but if that product or subassembly gets an update my customised one won't receive the improvements (unless i tediously recreate my changes in the new one).

I've added a lot to the template workbooks as well, and i'm hesitant to update libraries out of fear of losing all the work i've put in.
For template workbooks i would like to be able to create a new, isolated one (Z! for example) to house my custom tables and variables.

Would love to hear how you handle this issue.

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