Report not updating values between work orders

Report not updating values between work orders

Hey ya'll, 

Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I have a material summary report that's not always updating values for edgebanding between work orders. For example, the first work order I process once opening Autocad will output correctly, but subsequent work orders may have the correct values or may still have values from the previous work order. It seems to only effect a single data band on one report. I've restarted autocad and my computer a couple times, but the same thing keeps happening. 

The report this is happening in is customized from a Microvellum built-in report. The data band having this issue is using a data transformation which is using the edgebanding data. The reason I'm using the data transformation is for an easy way to sum quantity while adding an additional linear per part waste and an overall waste percentage and for an easy way to sort the output data. The data band is also within a sub report. It's also a batch report since it's using the nesting processing station to get sheet estimates. 

I have a feeling it's the data transformation that's causing this, but I need to do some more testing to be sure. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what the cause might be?

EDIT: Removing these data transformations and having the data bands directly connect to the built-in data sources seem to have resolved this.
Very strange behavior - it seems to always effect only the last data transformation in the report. The report had multiple data transformations set up, once the edgebanding one was removed, this issue started affecting the Toe Kick one, then once I removed that data transformation, it started affecting the sheet summary one. I haven't had this issue happen since removing the data transformations I was previously using. 

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