Screw Drilling Is Not Showing Up

Screw Drilling Is Not Showing Up

I am trying to assemble cabinets with screws predrilled with a 3mm drill bit.  I have my machining settings set to drill a pilot hole in the applied backs and also have screws drill also.  Currently the only way i can get predrilled screw holes is by setting my dowels to face drill all the way through the board and set the dowel diameter to 3mm. 

I currently do not have a CNC nested router to apply an actual tool file to, but will be receiving that piece of machinery within 3 weeks.  I am currently trying to set the Specification Groups up to be machine ready when it hits the floor using the default Microvellum Tool File.  There is a 3mm drill bit in the default tool file, its just not applying it.  Also when i turn off the Use Saw setting in the Machining menu the cabinet completely disappears from the drawing.  I do have the backs set to Full Applied, so a saw shouldn't be needed.  

Screw Machining is set to Auto Space with a 32mm offset from the dowel spacing.  

What could i be doing wrong that my drilling isnt showing up?   

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