Syncing project level and library level materials

Syncing project level and library level materials

In project specifications window - When copying a material file to a new specification group, and since that original specification group was created, new library (template) materials have been created/existing have been modified - the copy selection window seemingly does not allow user to pick those new materials from the database. The library selection items are from the point in time original spec group was created. 

Problem is when engineering team makes those changes, if they revert from template then they have to reset all pointers which is tedious and certain spec groups have unique pointers and leaves room for error.

This is important because companies like ours that enter library materials well in advance of receiving materials may go in and make changes to the properties of those sheets (size, thickness, etc...) after they are received, before processing. Although the linkID probably catches those details, there are instances where a new material must be created and it cannot be used within the current structure unless you do as I mentioned above.

Long winded way of saying it would be very helpful if those library level materials refreshed in real time.

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