Totalling Like Variables on Reports

Totalling Like Variables on Reports


I'm pretty sure this is gonna take some really extensive knowledge, but I'm trying to calculate the total amount of laminates through our reports.

I have created two user variables which use the code and separate the code based on a character and generates a list of the two laminates. I am doing this within the PlacedSheets.Code and PlacedSheets.Sheets.HandlingCode. I want to be able to take these variables and get the totals of all the like variables.

Shown below are the panels we need to order

The screenshot below is the list of laminates we need to order

As you can see, it is displaying the placed sheets, but with the respective quantities based on certain formulas. I've tried grouping with variables and modifying the before and afterprints, but I am now at a loss with what I should try to group the variables together.

Any ideas on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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