Video Training Request - Sheet Set Manager

Video Training Request - Sheet Set Manager

We would like to see a specific training video and a walk through from Microvellum on creating and using Sheet Set Manager through the OEM version of AutoCAD.  

Currently we have our room and drawing template setup to draw 15-20 rooms or more per CAD file.  On smaller jobs this works well since we can keep everything 1 job file.  We also use this to try and split larger multi-floor project up as well.  We make a file per floor.

But as we are doing larger and larger projects, we are interested in the possible improvements that Sheet Set Manager could offer and allow us to draw 1 or even just a few rooms per CAD file.  This would hopefully speed up the system when working on cabinets as well as allow multiple people to work in the job at the same time to divide and win.  

The one thing that we are really looking for is the ability to control and rename multiple Layout tabs quickly using a form of Find/Replace.  Since OEM doesn’t support LISP routines it make it harder to do this.  

Looking at the info and training that Microvellum has on using Sheet Set Manager there is very little.  We have tried looking at Autodesk and putting things together that way but there appears to be some disconnects from full Cad vs OEM.  

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