Windows 11 Compatibility

Windows 11 Compatibility

Hello Microvellum Community!

Microsoft Windows 11 is now available and boasts ease of use and increased performance over its predecessor.  We are pleased to announce that our Quality Assurance and Development teams have conducted thorough testing, and have confirmed the compatibility of Microvellum Software with the new Microsoft Windows 11 operating system.

Windows 11 features a number of enhancements including a redesigned Start menu, a "Widgets" panel on the taskbar, and the ability to group windows together into sets that can be minimized and restored together.  It was built with end-user productivity in mind and is designed to support today's hybrid work environment. Most Windows 10 apps and tools can be used in Windows 11 and security settings and policies from Windows 10 can be applied to Windows 11 devices.

For more information about what's new in Windows 11, see the following article:
For information about getting Windows 11 on your device, see the following article:

NOTE: Microvellum Software is compatible with Windows 11 and has been tested by our team in conjunction with AutoCAD without issue.  However, Autodesk has not yet officially announced Windows 11 Compatibility for any version of AutoCAD.

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