Workflow, Standards, and Discipline w/ MV

Workflow, Standards, and Discipline w/ MV

I am curious to learn what other people do for their workflow/standards when modeling and creating projects. I have been using MV for almost 3 years now and I did all the modeling and drafting from zero experience until we hired someone around my one year mark. He recently left our company to move closer to family and I have been transitioning back into that roll. I find myself getting back to some bad habits and forgetting basic things. Examples like adding the crown to our BOM, toe kicks, specific hardware in cabinets, etc. 

Do you all have check lists? SOPs? How do you train employees to be all consistent across the board?

I would consider myself somewhat experienced and someone that can dive deep into spread sheets and create automation with the workbooks, but I definitely struggle from time to time on fundamentals. 

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