About Microvellum

About Microvellum Interface

The following information applies to Microvellum software builds 23.1.1205.642 and beyond.

The About Microvellum User Interface displays information and links related to your Microvellum software, company account details and other information and functions.

To open the About Microvellum UI click on the Help drop-down menu in the Microvellum Toolbar.

Select the "About Microvellum" option to open the interface. 

  1. Build Number - The current software Build Number is displayed here. To learn more about the Toolbox build number, see the knowledge base article Microvellum Software Versioning Schema.
  2. EULA - Click the EULA link to view the Microvellum Software End-User License Agreement.
  3. Deactivate License - Will release your seat (activation) used to authenticate your session a specific Microvellum application.
  4. Refresh License - Use the Refresh License option to reauthenticate your software. This may be used to realign your software features/modules or extend the authentication check-in for SLA-type software licenses.
  5. Start Support Request - Click the Start Support Request link to create a new support ticket.  See How to Create a Support Request through the Microvellum About/Support Portal UI for more details. 
  6. Copy Product Information - The Copy Product Information link will copy the information listed in the About Microvellum UI to the Windows clipboard. 
  7. License Expiration - Your Microvellum license ID is valid until the date displayed. 
  8. License ID - Your Microvellum license ID number is displayed here along with the type of license - FLA, SLA or WRT.
  9. Software Maintenance Expiration - Your Software Maintenance Expiration date is displayed here. As long as this date is in the future, you will have access to install software updates.
  10. Account Number - Your Microvellum Account Number is a unique ID used to identify your company within our system.
  11. Account Manager Details - Your Account Manager Details, including name, phone number, and e-mail address are displayed here.
  12. Software Features - A list of software features (or modules) is displayed on the right side of the UI.  The activation status of each software feature is shown as either "Active" or "Request Trial".  Click the "Request Trial" link and fill out the form to send a request to Microvellum to try a new software feature.

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