Adding Hardware in 3D with Subassemblies

Adding Hardware in 3D with Subassemblies

To add Hardware in 3D with Subassemblies, select Product Prompts and select the Product to be modified. 

Fig. 01 - Product Prompts
Fig. 01 - Product Prompts

From the Product Prompts window, right-click and select Subassemblies. 

Fig. 02 - Select Subassemblies from the Product Prompts Context Menu
Fig. 02 - Select Subassemblies from the Product Prompts Context Menu

Expand the Hardware menu in the left-hand pane and double click the Hardware item to be added. 

Fig. 03 - Hardware Menu
Fig. 03 - Hardware Menu

Right-click the Hardware item that has been added to the right-hand pane, and select Pick Point. 

Fig. 04 - Pick Point
Fig. 04 - Pick Point

Select the point on the product where the Hardware is to be added. Select OK > select OK. The Hardware is added to the product and machining is automatically applied. 

Despite the older interface in this video, the workflow for adding a subassembly hardware item remains unchanged.  

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