Adjust Wall Length with Toolbox

Adjust Wall Length with Toolbox

Adjust Wall Length

The Adjust Wall Length command button allows you to make changes to a wall-size after you have already created a room and placed products on the walls. You can readjust the length of any wall in the room without adversely affecting cabinets or components on adjacent walls. Adjacent walls, cabinets, and components will adjust automatically to compensate for the new field dimensions you specify. You also have control over which product(s) assigned to the selected wall will adjust to compensate for the new field dimensions. If you select multiple products to be adjusted, the difference will be split between the products.

In addition to adjusting walls and products, you also have the choice to change a specific product using the Select Products buttons.

Adjusting Walls & Products

After selecting this command, the Adjust Wall Length screen will be displayed. Use the Select Wall button and then select the wall in the drawing you want to change. The top section will show the selected walls current length and allow you to enter in a new length for the wall. The Anchor Point radio buttons will allow you to specify which end the wall should grow or shrink from.

The next two sections will show the base and tall products and the upper products on the wall. From this section, you can select which products will change in size and which product to include when repositioning products. Checking a products Adjust Size checkbox will include that product in the size adjustment. If you uncheck the Include checkbox, that product will be completely ignored when the products are resized and repositioned. This is needed for products that sit above or below other products, such as separate toe kick or countertop products.

  1. Allows you to select a wall to adjust.
  2. Allows you to select individual products to adjust.
  3. Selected wall original length and a text box for the new length.
  4. Select an Anchor Point. The wall length will adjust on the opposite side of the selection made here.
  5. Check the Adjust Size checkbox to include the product in the size adjustment.
  6. Uncheck the Include checkbox to ignore the product when resizing and reposting products on the wall.

Adjusting Products

Use the Select Products button to change the size of specific products in the drawing. This can be helpful to change the size of toe kicks or counter tops quickly. After selecting this command, you can select products in the drawing. Once a product has been selected, the Adjust Product Width window will be displayed, allowing you to set the anchor point of the product and the overall size change.

  1. Use the radio buttons to set the anchor point of the products.
  2. Enter the overall size change dimension. 

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