Associate Parts to Processing Stations (Part Mapping)

Associate Parts to Processing Stations (Part Mapping)

Create New Part Mapping

Toolbox provides the ability to associate parts to processing stations, often referred to as Part Mapping.  In this article, we'll look at Mapping Parts one at a time using the "Associate Parts to Processing Stations" interface accessible through the Processing Stations options page.  We'll then learn how to take that part mapping and copy it to many products using Library Designer.

Start by navigating to Toolbox Setup > Options > Processing Stations > Map Parts.

The "Associate Parts to Processing Stations" interface opens and displays a list of products from your library on the left side of the window.  Select the product you wish to map parts for.  On the right side of the window, all cut parts and subassemblies from that product are listed. 

To map a part to a processing station, select the part by left-clicking on it (the selected part is highlighted in blue), then right-click and select “Assign Processing Stations to Parts.”

The "Assign Processing Stations To Parts" window will open.  Check the "Assigned" checkbox next to the processing station you would like assigned to the part. 

Use the drop-down arrow in the upper right corner of the window to Select a Part Mapping value of 1-10.

Click "OK".  You have successfully mapped this part to the assigned processing station. You will now see the assigned processing station listed in the Processing Stations column for the part.

Copy Part Mapping Using Library Designer

We can take the mapping we just created and copy it to parts across many products using Library Designer.   The first step is to copy the Map Part ID number, which can be accessed through Part Properties.
Add the product that includes your mapped part to your drawing.  Next, open Part Properties for the template part and copy the "Map Part" value to your clipboard.

Open Library Designer

Navigate to the part you want to map and paste your Map Part ID value into the "PartMapping" field.  The value will be applied to all products listed in the “Products Using This Item” list.

Select "Commit Changes" to finalize changes to your library.

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