Invalid Version Format Login Error

Configuration Login Error- "Invalid Version Format"


When you start Toolbox and attempt to open your configuration an error message is displayed that says, “Invalid Version Format” and prevents you from going any further. 


This error is due to a change in our version numbering format. Old software builds (before 22.1.307.641) are unable to read the build number in the database if the integer value gets too large. You will only run into this error if you are trying to log into a database in an old version that’s already been opened in a new version. 

There are 2 options to get around this error:
  1. Update everyone accessing your database to the same version.
    1.  If needed, you can test the update in a sandbox environment (see help doc here) instead of your main database.
  2. Open the “MicrovellumSystem” table in your database before logging into Toolbox on the old version and manually change the version number to something smaller.
    1. As soon as the new version logs into the database, you will need to repeat this step. 
    2. If you’re using a SQL CE database, you need to shorten this value in Graphics also.

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