Custom Hatches for Section Drawings

Custom Hatches for Section Drawings

Toolbox provides users the ability to assign a hatch pattern to materials for 2D section drawings. 

Figure 1

To improve the flexibility of this feature, we have added the ability to attach a hatch pattern of your choice to each material. 

Figure 2

This hatch pattern displays on section drawings generated by Microvellum, as shown in the figure below. Notice the four different hatch patterns used in this drawing for various materials. 

Figure 3

Microvellum automatically sets the hatch scale to a predetermined value regardless of the selected drawing scale. 


This tutorial will demonstrate the procedure for attaching AutoCAD hatch patterns to materials in the template. 

  1. Find the exact AutoCAD hatch names that you want to use with your Microvellum materials. 
    1. Enter "hatch" at the command prompt. 
    2. Note the hatch names that you intend to attach to Microvellum materials in the tutorial steps below. Use either the dropdown list of names or the hatch palette, as shown below. 
    3. Figure 4
      Figure 5
  2. Select "Toolbox Setup > Library Specification Groups > Open Material File."
  3. Right-click on the desired material in the Sheet Stock Library and click "Edit Selected Material..."
  4. In the Edit Material screen, click the button "Hatching."
  5. Click the button "Custom" and add the hatch name. In the figure below, we are setting the custom hatch property to "ANSI34" for the material ".25 White Melamine 1S."
  6. Figure 6

    Microvellum uses that name and draws a .25" (6mm" back with the following hatch. 

    Figure 7

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