Event Log Properties

Event Log Properties

Event Log Properties

The Event Log Properties window has been added to the Event Logs User Interface which allows users to set the maximum size for their Event Logs table and overwrite the oldest events as new ones are added.

To open Event Log Properties, click the gear icon from the top menu.
Note that the number of archived logs is listed separately from the unarchived logs.  

Maximum Log Size

To set a Max number of Event Logs, set your desired “Maximum Log Size (Rows).”
The default value is 5000. Min is 500, Max is 50000. 

Select OK. 
If your current Log size is greater than the "Maximum Log Size" setting, you will receive the following warning.  If you continue, excess records will be deleted.
Select OK. The grid is automatically reloaded.

Clear Log

It is recommended that you perform a backup of your data before clearing Event Log Records. 
To delete all unarchived records from your Event Log, select “Clear Log.”

You will receive the following warning message: 
Select “Yes.”  All unarchived logs will be cleared.
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