How to Install Microvellum's Foundation Library

How to Install the Foundation Library

This article provides details on the process of installing the Microvellum Foundation Library.


1. Click the Imperial or Metric download link found within the Current Build section of the Foundation Library Download (All Regions) knowledge base article.

2.  Once the download is complete, locate and open the exe file - typically found in your Downloads folder. A dialog box will appear asking for an Account ID. Your Account ID can be found in the Help/About Microvellum interface within Toolbox. Copy your ID and paste it into the library installation UI. You will have 3 attempts to accurately input your Account UI. After a failed third attempt, you will need to restart the library install and try again.

3. After you successfully enter your Account ID, you will be prompted to continue the installation. Click continue. 

4.  An option to choose the destination for the installation will appear - you may change it, but we recommend storing it within your Microvellum Common Data folder. After choosing your installation path, click continue. 

5. Next, you will be prompted to change the library's name. You may change it or leave the default name. To begin the installation, click install.  

6. Once you receive verification of a successful installation, click Finish to end the installation. Note: You will need to restart any Microvellum application that was open during the installation of the library.  
7. Once Toolbox has been restarted, select the Current Configurations drop-down to switch to the newly installed Library.  

Selecting Region

Once the Foundation Library has been installed, it is important to select the geographical region the library is used in. This can affect how various library features are set, such as door swing 
lines and hardware selections. Available regions include the US, NZ, AU, UK, and CA. 

To change the Region associated with your library:  
1. Select the Toolbox Setup drop-down menu and choose Library Specification Groups to open the Template Specification Group Setup interface. 
2. Click the Global Variables icon within the top menu and then expand the User Preferences section. 

3. Locate the Region setting and click the drop-down to select your region. The default location is “US”. 

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