Issue: Toolbox does not Load when Starting AutoCAD

Issue: Toolbox does not Load when Starting AutoCAD

After installing Toolbox Standard and starting AutoCAD, Microvellum Toolbox may not load.  Here are some steps to resolve this issue:

  1. In your AutoCAD command line type APPLOAD and hit enter

  2. Under Startup Suite, click the Contents... button

  3. Verify that two files are listed

    • Toolbox.fas
      • This contains all the MV commands used within Toolbox and is required.
    • netloadmvtb7.lsp (attached below)
      • This file tells AutoCAD to load Toolbox.
      • It should be saved to C:\Program Files\Microvellum\Toolbox
      • You can open this file with Notepad to verify the path is correct. Make sure Microvellum.Toolbox.dll exists in the directory.
      • It should read:

  4. Once both files are added, restart AutoCAD and MV Toolbox will load. If it doesn't, please check the path in the LSP file.

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