Microvellum Server System Requirements

Microvellum Server System Requirements

These are the minimum estimated system requirements to run Microvellum Server. Individual situations may vary based on your specific needs and the amount of SQL data stored.
This article lists the system requirements for Microvellum Server. For SQL Server system requirements, see SQL Server System Requirements.

For best performance and stability it is recommended that Microvellum Server is installed with SQL Server and Microvellum File Share on the same dedicated server.  Ideally, no other application should be run on this server.

The Server should be built with Scalability in mind.  Meeting the bare minimum is often not the ideal solution and providing better hardware to your server will allow for improved run-times and efficiency.

With this in mind, we have created a recommended standard for system requirements based on successful deployments by our users.

Server Requirements

Operating System (64-bit)

  1. Windows Server 2016 or later

Additional Software

  1. SQL Server 2017 or later

Processor Speed

  1. 2.0 GHz or faster

Processor Type

  1. x64 Processor:  AMD EPYC, Intel Xeon with Intel EM64T support


  1. 16-32 GB of RAM (ECC Memory).  For capacity planning, the following should be considered:
Size of Database: This is generally the most important consideration because it directly impacts how much processing must be done to populate the data warehouse.  In general, if you have a database that is 50 GB or less 16 GB of RAM is probably ok.

Number of Users: If the number of users that you will have accessing and pulling data from the server is 15 or less, then you shouldn't need to take extra memory per user into consideration.  If more than 15 concurrent users are likely to be accessing the server, you should consider adding 1-2 GB of RAM for every 5 additional users.

Rate of Growth: At what rate is the database growing per year?  Make sure to take into account increasing business as a percentage of this growth as well.  Building out a server to house all of your data in only its current state is short-sighted and could become problematic in the future.

OS Requirements: A good rule of thumb is to reserve 1 GB of RAM for the OS by default, plus an additional 1 GB for each 4 GB of ram between 4-16 and another 1 GB for every 8 GB installed above 16 GB.  What this looks like in a server with 32 GB RAM is 7 GB for your OS, with the remaining 25 GB dedicated to your SQL Server.

Dedicated or Shared: If the recommendation of a Dedicated Server is not followed and additional software or other databases are considered then it is imperative that when figuring out your RAM requirements and server hardware needs, you should make sure to take this factor into consideration.  If additional software is intended to be operating on the same server, you will want to allocate enough RAM and hard-drive space to each software.

Data Execution: SQL Server ETL transformations load the data being processed into your server's RAM before processing against it.  This means that the more RAM your server has, the quicker your execution packages will complete.


250+ GB (500+ GB Recommended) High-speed Enterprise-class Solid State drives set up in a RAID 10 Configuration.  When SQL is installed on the same Server it is best practice to isolate the user database‚Äôs data files (.mdf) from the transaction log files (.ldf) in separate physical drives and folders. The same should be applied to the backup files and the location of the TempDB files.  See the Microsoft article: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/relational-databases/databases/database-files-and-filegroups?view=sql-server-ver15
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