MIcrovellum Cases Portal: My Cases: Overview

My Cases: Overview

Once you've logged into the Cases Portal, accessing your support cases is a breeze. You can simply click on the "My Cases" icon in the flyout menu or choose the "View Cases" button conveniently placed on the Welcome page. Inside this section, you'll discover your comprehensive case history, giving you a complete overview of all your cases and their current statuses.

The following is a definition for each field contained within My Cases.

  1. Sorting Tabs – At the top My Cases page, you will see four sorting tabs, allowing you to sort/view cases by the following statuses:
    1. All Cases – Displays all cases in your entire case log.
    2. Active Cases – Displays all In Queue, In Progress, Client Response Required, and In Development cases.
    3. Resolved Cases – Displays all solved and client unresponsive cases.
    4. Cancelled Cases – Displays all cancelled and merged cases.
  2. Search – Users can type keywords, phrases, or questions into the search bar, and upon submitting the search, the system retrieves and displays relevant results that match the user's query.
  3. Title – A concise and descriptive case title that summarizes the primary issue or topic of your support request. This helps our team quickly understand the nature of your inquiry. Titles also contain a hyperlink, that when clicked, will open the case details. Click the title to review comments from Microvellum support agents or provide additional information, and comments, add attachments to support cases, and close, remove, or re-open cases.
  4. Type – A support case type refers to a categorization or classification of different types of client support requests or issues. The case types available include Software Management, Problem, Question, Software Integration, and Training.
  5. ID – The ID is a unique alphanumeric number that is assigned to each case.
  6. Created – Indicates the date the case was created – either by Microvellum support agents or users (clients).
  7. Last modified – Indicates the last date the case was modified – either by Microvellum support agents or users (clients).
  8. Status – Provides insight into the state of the case: 
    1. In Queue – Cases in this status are pending support agent assignment. (First-come, first-served)
    2. In Progress – Cases in this status have been assigned to a support agent and are currently undergoing active research or resolution.
    3. In Development – Cases in this status have been assigned to Microvellum's Quality Assurance and Development teams for research and resolution.
    4. Client Response Required – Cases in this status indicate that support agents are waiting for information from clients.
    5. Solved – Cases in this status have been deemed solved by support agents or by clients.
    6. Cancelled – Cases in this status have been canceled by clients, rendering them inactive within the Cases Portal. Canceled cases cannot be reopened or edited, but they do remain in your support case history for reference.
    7. Merged – Cases in this status have been merged into another active case. 
    8. Client Unresponsive – Cases in this status are considered resolved. This status indicates support agents have made multiple attempts, over the course of 3 days, by phone or communication within the case (email), with no response from the client. Cases in this status may be reopened by clients. 
  9. View Details – Allows users the ability to open the details of the case. Click on the title of your case to view comments from Microvellum support agents or provide additional information, and comments, add attachments to support cases, and close, remove, or re-open cases.

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