What's New in Toolbox 2022 (OEM)

What's New in Toolbox 2022 (OEM)

Work smarter, faster with Toolbox 2022 (OEM).  With an OEM Subscription, you’ll gain access to the latest toolsets and innovative features of Toolbox 2022.

Toolbox 2022 (OEM) Improvements

Processing and Performance Improvements

  1. Improvements to encoding support with external editors when editing MText.
  2. Background publishing and hatch boundary detection now take advantage of multiple cores of a processor.
  3. Microsoft's DirectX 12 is now supported for 2D and 3D visual styles.

Improvements to the Blocks Palette with Support for Favorites

  1. Many improvements have been made to the Blocks Palette. These improvements include improved setup and control over third-party cloud providers for using blocks across devices and a new Favorites tab.

Toolbox 2022 (OEM) New Features

Count Objects

Quickly and accurately count the instances of objects in a drawing. You can insert a table with the count data into the current drawing.

The Count feature offers visual count results and more control over the count criteria. Specify a single block or object in the model space to count its instances. You can also use the Count palette to display and manage the counted  blocks in the current drawing.

When you're in an active count, the Count toolbar displays at the top of the drawing area. The Count toolbar includes the number of objects and issues, along with other controls to manage the counted objects.

The count details icon changes depending on whether the current count contains errors. Click   or   to open the Count palette and view more details.

Displays the count criteria including the general properties of the counted objects and any user-defined block attributes and parameters.

Displays the count criteria including the general properties, user-defined block attributes and parameters, and the issue report of the counted objects. Issues can include overlapping, exploded, or renamed objects.
Note: The count list includes blocks that are nested within other blocks.

New Commands

  1. COUNT - Counts and highlights the instances of the selected object in the drawing.
  2. COUNTCLOSE - Closes the Count toolbar and exits the count.
  3. COUNTFIELD - Creates a field that's set to the value of the current count.
  4. COUNTLIST - Opens the Count palette to view and manage the counted blocks.
  5. COUNTLISTCLOSE - Closes the Count palette.
  6. COUNTNAVNEXT - Zooms to the next object in the count result.
  7. COUNTNAVPREV - Zooms to the previous object in the count result.
  8. COUNTTABLE - Inserts a table containing the block names and the corresponding count of each block in the drawing.

Changed Commands

  1. FIELD - Creates a multiline text object with a field that can be updated automatically as the field value changes.

New System Variables

  1. COUNTCHECK - Controls the types of errors to check in the count.
  2. COUNTCOLOR - Sets the highlighting color on objects in a count.
  3. COUNTERRORCOLOR - Sets the highlighting color on objects that can cause potential errors in a count.
  4. COUNTERRORNUM - Displays the number of errors in the current count.
  5. COUNTNUMBER - Displays the number of the current count.
  6. COUNTPALETTESTATE - Reports whether the Count palette is open or closed.
  7. COUNTSERVICE - Controls the background indexing of the count.

Floating Drawing Windows

You can now drag a drawing file tab off of the AutoCAD application window, making it a floating window.

Some benefits of the floating drawing window feature are:
  • Multiple drawing files can be visible at the same time without switching between tabs.
  • One or more drawing files can be moved onto another monitor.

New System Variables

  1. SYSFLOATING - Controls the dock state of the drawing file tabs.

For additional information on the new AutoCAD commands and features, see the AutoCAD product documentation, visit the Autodesk website  or check out the  AutoCAD 2022 New Features Overview (Video) .

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