Office Furniture Options

Office Furniture Expansion Options

This article provides a list and detailing of the options available for products in the Microvellum Office Furniture Library Expansion. 

Office Furniture Construction Methods

Products in the Office Furniture Expansion have access to all Foundation Library Construction Methods including:

  1. Screw
  2. Dado
  3. Dado & Screw
  4. Cams
  5. Dado & Cam
  6. Dowel
  7. Dowel & Cam
  8. Dowel & Screws
  9. Invisible Fasteners
  10. Hardware Array

Office Furniture Options

Products in the Office Furniture Expansion have access to the following Foundation Library Options:

  1. Door & Drawer Front Options
  2. Adjustable and Fixed Shelf Settings
  3. Drawer Box Variables
  4. Adjustable Feet Options
  5. Hardware Options
  6. Material Options
  7. Inset and Overlay Options

Cable Hole Options

Products containing cable (grommet) holes will have a number of different variables to provide flexibility in hole size and location.  

  1. Cable Hole Type - 60mm/80mm 
  2. Cable Hole Left 
  3. Cable Hole Right 
  4. Rear Corner Cable Hole 
  5. Cable Hole Inset from Back 
  6. Cable Hole Inset from Side 

Tambour Door Options

Cabinet products with tambour doors have a number of specific options: 

  1. Tambour Door Extra Length 
  2. Tambour Door Setback 
  3. Tambour Groove Requires 2 Passes 
  4. Tambour Door Side Setback - Enter the Amount the Sides Overhang the Door 
  5. Tambour Door Groove Width 
  6. Tambour Door Cnr Radius 
  7. Tambour Door Groove Depth 
  8. Tambour Door Grooving Tool 

"P" Shaped Worktop Orientations

Products with the "P" shaped worktop have four different orientation options:

P External Left
P External Right
P Internal Left
P Internal Right

Microvellum LIVE Recording with a demo of the Office Furniture products:
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