Overview: Material Handling Codes

Overview: Material Handling Codes

Material Management Systems are becoming more common in the woodworking industry. One of these is the SCMI Flexstore system. These systems require material information in the header of the TXT files that define the part labels for the sheet.

Fig. 1

Two fields of data  with the potential of being used by material management systems have been added to Microvellum software.

The first field is linked to each material. Add the appropriate 'material level' Handling Code in the interface shown below in Figure 2 ("12345" is entered in the box for comparative purposes only).

Fig. 2

The program populates the data in the material level Handling Code box to the factory database field "Materials.HandlingCode" but is not currently used in the G-Code file output.

As of Toolbox build 15.5.1402, a second field has been added that is linked to each sheet of material. Add the appropriate 'sheet level' Handling Code in the interface shown below in Figure 3 ("98765" is entered in the box for comparative purposes only).

Fig. 3

The program populates the data in the sheet level Handling Code box to the work order database fields "Sheets.HandlingCode" (when the work order is created), and "PlacedSheets.HandlingCode" (when the work order has been processed). This code is used in the TXT file defining the part labels for a sheet, as seen in Fig. 1 above.

A typical file path for the TXT files is:  C:\Program Files\SCM Group\Xilog Plus\Job\Working\TXT

Utilizing these fields for material management systems is currently the only use of these fields supported by Microvellum.

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