Prepare to Download and Install

Preparing to Install Microvellum Software

The steps listed below should be finished before installing any Microvellum software, including Toolbox, Production, and also before installing a program update.

Following these pre-installation steps will prevent "error code 1603" & “Cannot find Setup.dll” installation errors reported by some users.
If you are upgrading/updating, be sure to backup your current data before proceeding!

Before executing the steps below, exit AutoCAD and any Microvellum products you may be running.

Procedure outline

  1. Download the full installation file package.
  2. Unblock the installation file.
  3. Extract the installation file to C:\
  4. Run the file "setup.exe" as an Administrator.
  5. Temporarily disable anti-virus if necessary.
  6. Temporarily disable UAC if necessary.


  1. Download the full installation package file from Microvellum
  2. If the file is a ZIP, you must extract the contents by right-clicking on the file and selecting "Extract All." Alternatively, if you are using another file compression app, extract it using that app.
  3. Specify a location to extract the installation package directly on the C:\ drive, or at C:\Temp\ to reduce long filename issues. Otherwise, you may have issues with rendering files with longs names not being installed correctly.

    Fig. 01

  4. Once you've done that, then find the file named "setup.exe" and right-click on it. Select "Run as Administrator."

  5. Fig. 2

  6. The procedure up to this point will result in a successful installation in the majority of cases. If it does not, create an exclusion for the install file in your anti-virus software. As a last resort, TEMPORARILY disable your anti-virus software. Once the install has completed successfully, reset it to the original setting!
  7. If you still have issues with the install failing, TEMPORARILY modify your UAC or User Account Control settings. To do so, press the Windows key on your keyboard and enter "Change User Account Control Settings." Set the slider to "Never Notify."               
    • Windows 8 - Control Panel > User Accounts > User Accounts
    • Windows 10 - Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > User Accounts > Change User Account Control Settings

    • Fig. 03

Once the install has completed successfully, reset it to the original setting!

See related articles for your next steps in installing a library and configuring your software.

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