Preparing Your Computer to Install Toolbox

Preparing Your Computer to Install Toolbox

This tutorial demonstrates the steps recommend prior to installing Microvellum Toolbox and Toolbox AC (AutoCAD Companion). Prior to installing an update, we advise backing up your current data before initiating the process detailed below. Due to various computer configurations, some steps may not be required.

Pre-Installation Steps

  1. Close any open Microvellum products.
  2. Ensure the Toolbox update is properly downloaded and saved to a specified location. If you are unable to locate it check your "Downloads" folder.
  3. Unblock the zipped installation folder by right-clicking the folder and selecting "Properties". In the “General” tab, you may see a “security” section near the bottom. Select the “Unblock” checkbox.
  4. Extract the contents of the zipped folder by right-clicking it and selecting “Extract All”. We recommend extracting these files to the C:\ drive or C:\Temp\. This shortens the file path, which prevents possible issues with the rendering files.
  5. Find the file named “Setup.exe” and right-click on it. Select “Run as administrator”.
  6. Observe the installation will begin. If the installation does not begin, see “Troubleshooting Security Settings” below.

Troubleshooting Security Settings 

Warning – Microvellum is not liable for any modifications made to your computer's security. We recommend an advanced understanding of your system's security prior to making any of the suggested alterations. 
  1. Ensure your anti-virus allows the installation file as an exception and attempt the install.
  2. Temporarily modify protection levels within your anti-virus and attempt the install. 
  3. In “User Account Control settings” set the slider to “Never notify” and attempt the install.
  4. Consult your user account administer for possible permission issues.

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