Project Properties

Project Properties

The Project Properties screen is where you can enter in various information about the project that can be used later in the drawing title block or in reports.  Some of the fields will allow you type in information, while others will allow you to select the ellipse button and select a value from a list.

Property List

The table below lists the default property names and the corresponding title block that property updates in the AutoCAD drawing, along with the database field it will populate.  If you are creating a custom title block in your AutoCAD drawing and want to use one of these properties to populate the title block you must use the exact name listed in the Title Block Attritube Name column.

Property Name Title Block Attritube Name Database Column (Table.Column)
Project Name PROJ_TITLE Projects.Name
Job Description PROJ_DESC Projects.JobDescription
Job Number PROJ_NUMBER Projects.JobNumber
Job Phone PROJ_PHONE Projects.JobPhone
Job Fax PROJ_FAX Projects.JobFax
Job E-mail PROJ_EMAIL Projects.JobEMail
Job Address PROJ_LOCATION Projects.JobAddress
General Contact PROJ_CLIENT Projects.GeneralContact
Contractor CONTRACTOR Projects.Contractor
Architect PROJ_ARCHITECT Projects.Architect
Estimator PROJ_ESTIMATOR Projects.Estimator
Scheduled Start Date Projects.ScheduledStartDate
Scheduled Completion Date PROJ_SCHEDULEDCOMPLETIONDATE Projects.ScheduledCompletionDate
Project Manager PROJ_MANAGER Projects.ProjectManager
Draftman PROJ_DRAFTSMAN Projects.Draftsman

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