The Range Hood - Add-on

The Range Hood - Add-on

About the Library Add-on

This is a “Master” Range Hood product capable of being used as is or saved back to the library numerous times in unlimited number of different combinations.  This Library Add-on is compatible with the Foundation Library. This article will provide you with an overview of the features included. 

What is a Library Add-on?
Library Add-ons are considered stand-alone library data such as products, hardware, blocks or other materials. Contact your Account Manager to learn more about this Library Add-on.

Range Hood Master

Main Options:

Projection Options:

  1. Side Offset - Distance to inset the projection from the end of the unit. 
  2. Projection Side Angle - Enter a number in degrees to angle the sides of the projection. (0-89) 
  3. Projection Depth - Adjust the product depth and Rear Face Depth to control. 
  4. Projection Depth Top - Distance the slope is held off the wall at the top of the unit.   
  5. Projection Height - Height of lower flat portion before slope 
  6. Projection Arc Height - Height of projection arc. 
  7. Slope Height - Height from top of lower projection to top of slope 
  8. Bead Board options for Face and/or Slope 
  9. Lower Projection Face/Ends options: Solid Panel/Veneer Panel/Door Panel/Carved Panel 
  10. Lower Projection Top/Bottom Molding options 
  11. “Keku Clip” Front Assembly option 
  12. A table of Hood Fan Selection choices 
  13. Custom Hood Cutout options 
Example nest pattern: 

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