Understanding Room Components

Understanding Room Components

Creating Floor and Ceilings

To begin drawing floors and ceilings, click on the Draw tab in Toolbox and then click the Draw Room Components tab. Select the Walls category from the drop-down menu. At the bottom of the window, you’ll see the following options:
  1. Make Floor and Ceiling from Polyline – Allows you to select a closed polyline and create a floor and ceiling simultaneously.
  2. Make Ceiling from Polyline – Allows you to select a closed polyline and create a ceiling.
  3. Make Floor from Polyline – Allows you to select a closed polyline and create a floor.
  4. Make Polyline from Boundary – Allows you to select a point inside a series of lines or objects and creates a closed polyline.

Adding Moldings to Drawings

To begin drawing moldings, select the Moldings category from the drop-down menu. Select the preferred molding from the list. Right-click, or double-click to access the quick menu. 

  1. Pick Points to Draw Molding – Allows you to select points in a drawing for the molding to follow.
  2. Select Polyline Path for Molding – Allows you to select a polyline for the molding to follow.
  3. Associate Products to Wall – Allows you to select products and associate them with a selected wall.
  4. Redraw 2D Elevation – Allows you to redraw a selected 2D elevation.

After adding a molding, a prompt interface will follow. The interface will allow you to specify the height above the floor, add comments, and select how the molding will be drawn and added to the project. 

The option to Add Lineal Footage to Project will add a single product with the molding listed as linear footage based on the length of the polyline. Add Each Segment to Product will add a new product for each segment of the polyline.  Draw Only draws the molding in the drawing, but no product(s) are added to the database. 

Adding Lights to Drawings

  1. Two types of lighting can be added to drawings: Ceiling Mount Lighting and Wall Mount Lighting.
  2. To begin drawing lighting, select the category for the desired type of light. Select the preferred light from the list. Right-click or double-click to access the quick menu.
  1. Draw Ceiling/Wall Mount Lighting – Allows you to draw a light fixture at a selected point.
  2. Properties – Allows you to access the product properties for the selected item.
  3. Erase – Allows you to erase a selected item.
  4. Move – Allows you to move a selected item.
  5. Rotate – Allows you to rotate a selected item.
  6. Copy – Allows you to copy a selected item.
  7. Associate Products to Wall – Allows you to associate selected items to a wall.
  8. Redraw 2D Elevation – Allows you to redraw a selected 2D elevated wall.

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