Managing Your Software Activations

Managing Your Software Activations

This article will help you understand the process of managing your software activations and deactivations.

All requests regarding software management should be made using our ticketing system. When creating a support ticket, you will be presented with two options - General Tech Support and Software Management.   

If you need support related to the general operation of your Microvellum software, and would like to submit a ticket, choose the "Submit a Ticket" option in the Tech Support card. To submit a ticket regarding your general license information, software activations, software deactivations, issues with your activation, or to request a build update or software upgrade, click the "Submit a Ticket" in the Software Management card.

When you need to get help regarding your software management, be sure to select the correct option when selecting the reason for the request. Note: You will see red asterisks for the fields that are required.
  • General License Information – This should be selected for general questions regarding your serial numbers, obtaining a copy of your serial number and/or password or something similar.
  • Request Software Activation – This should be selected if a phone activation method is used when activating your software.
  • Request Software Deactivation – This should be selected when a license needs to be removed from a machine.
  • Activation Issue – This should be selected when having difficulties activating your software.
  • Build Update Request – Select this option to request an update to your current software.
  • Upgrade Request – Select this option to request an upgrade to your current software. (i.e., upgrading your OEM version.)

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