Toolbox Release Notes | Build 21.1.0420.641

Toolbox Release Notes | Build 21.1.0420.641

The following Release Notes apply to Toolbox Build 21.1.0420.641

Database Management Tools

  1. Added a Utility to the Database Management Tools that imports materials from a spreadsheet, accommodating Hardware, Solid Stock, Edge Banding, and Sheet Stock material imports.
    1. Click here to learn more about Create New Materials From Import File
  1. The Database Management Tools UI has been reorganized and tooltips added to each button.

  2. Modified the Delete Orphaned Records message and added a message to all the audit buttons recommending a database backup before changes take place.
  3. Modified the message that displays if Audit Unified Work Order Database is selected when Unified Work Orders are not configured: "This action can only be performed when the software is configured to use a Unified Work Order database."

Product List

  1. Added “Prompts for All Products” label above the prompts list in the Edit Additional Prompts Interface.
  2. Added “Check on Click” to checked list box items in the Edit Additional Prompts Interface.
  3. Added tooltips to all buttons in the Edit Additional Prompts Interface.
  4. Added an extra blank column at the right side of the grid in the Edit Additional Prompts Interface to allow the last column to be property viewed.
  5. Added a minimum size to the Edit Additional Prompts dialog.
  6. Added the ability to maximize the Edit Additional prompts dialog window.
  1. Updated the icon in the Edit Additional prompts dialog title bar.
  2. The system prompt "ProductComments" is now more dynamic. If controlled by a formula, it will not be overwritten. However, if the prompt value is changed via the product list or prompts interface, the "ProductComments" prompt will populate with the new value.
  3. Modified the cell properties for prompts that are not available to certain products to read "N/A" instead of being blacked out.
  4. Edit Additional Prompts Interface columns will now auto-size at startup and when adding or removing columns.
  5. Modified the Edit Additional Prompts Width, Height, and Depth prompt values to display in red if formula driven.
  6. Modified the "Edit Selected Products Rows Only" checkbox to be checked by default when Edit Additional Prompts is loaded.
  1. Resolved an issue where Parts List Review in Product List resulted in Unhandled exception error for products containing nested subassemblies.
  2. Resolved an issue where some products in Edit Additional Prompts did not list a Specification Group.
  3. Resolved an issue where changes to a prompt value would be applied not only to selected products but to all products in the list.
  4. Resolved an issue where item numbers were being duplicated on newly copied products in the Edit Additional Prompts interface.
  5. Optimized the way "Show Additional Prompt Values" loads products to increase loading speed when there are multiple Specification Groups in the list.
  6. Resolved an issue where the Work Order Column would revert to the previous work order name after creating a Work Order from the Product List.
  7. Resolved an issue where the Height, Width, and Depth values in the Product List were not updating after editing the prompts in the Parts List Tab (Edit Design Data).
  8. Resolved an issue where products copied from the Product List were placed into the wrong room.
  1. Removed the empty “Moldings” category from the Product List because moldings cannot be added from the Product List interface.

Material Formulas

  1. Resolved an issue where formula driven hardware was not pulling the correct data for the associative and non-associative drawing file.
  2. Resolved an issue where estimate cost would not be populated in the VendorCost column of  the work order database for solid stock or buyout materials.
  3. Resolved an issue where MaterialXData fields for edgebanding were not being populated for formula driven and regular materials.

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