Troubleshooting: Email Notifications

Troubleshooting: Email Notifications

This article provides basic troubleshooting options in the case that you are not receiving email notifications from the Support Ticketing System.

When notifications from the Support Ticketing System are not received, your spam or junk folders should be checked to ensure that the messages are not blocked.

Fig. 01 – Junk Email Folder

The steps to marking messages and accounts as safe may differ between mail servers, but the general process is the same.

Select an option to mark notifications from the Support Ticketing System as "not junk" and add and any other correspondences attached to your Support Ticket (i.e., to the Safe Senders list. Adding a contact to the Safe Senders list prevents messages from that account from being marked as junk or spam in the future.

Fig. 02 – "Mark as not junk" and "Add to Safe Senders"

If there are no emails from Microvellum present in the Junk or Spam folders, ensure that the email address entered while registering your community account is the correct address.

Select your name in the upper right corner of the Microvellum Community portal > select Profile.

Fig. 03 – Profile Access

Select Manage Profile.

Fig. 04 – Manage Profile

The contact email associated with the account is found in the Contact Information section from the Profile Details page. If this email is incorrect, select Edit Profile and enter the correct email before saving.

When more than one person from a company needs access to a specific ticket, ensure that all relevant parties' email addresses are entered in the CCs section when creating the ticket.

Fig. 05 – CCs

Should the problem persist after completing the above solutions, contact your account manager.

For information regarding creating a support ticket, see Overview: Support Tickets.

For information regarding managing notifications, see Subscribe to & Manage Notifications.

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